Why is my automatic mechanical watch going too fast?

There may be many reasons for the automatic mechanical watch to go too fast, which is related to your usual watch habits and the environment in which you use the watch. Here are some common factors that can cause this problem:

The automatic mechanical watch is magnetized

Automatic mechanical watches become magnetized when exposed to strong magnetic fields such as those produced by magnets, speakers, or electronic devices. When a watch becomes magnetized, it interferes with the hairspring, causing the watch to run faster than usual. To fix this, you can take the watch to a professional watchmaker, who can demagnetize it using specialized equipment.

 2. Position error

Automatic mechanical watches can be sensitive to different positions, and slight changes in orientation can affect their timing. If your watch consistently moves quickly in certain positions, such as when it's left overnight in a particular resting position, this could be due to a wrong position. Watchmakers can adjust the watch by adjusting the balance wheel or hairspring to optimize its performance in various positions.

 3. Temperature change

Temperature changes can affect the speed of a mechanical watch. If your watch keeps going quickly, especially in warmer conditions, it may be due to the expansion and contraction of components, affecting the rate of the swing of the balance wheel. Watchmakers can adjust watches to compensate for temperature changes and improve their accuracy.

 4. Excessive winding

Overwinding an automatic mechanical watch can cause it to run faster than normal. Automatic watches are equipped with a slipping clutch mechanism that prevents overwinding, but it is still possible to exceed the optimum winding point. Be sure to follow the recommended winding instructions for your particular watch model.

 5. Regulatory issues

Over time, the movement of an automatic mechanical watch may wear out or require adjustment. If the watch is left unmaintained for an extended period of time, the regulation may turn off, causing it to go too quickly. Regular maintenance and servicing (often including cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments) can help resolve such issues and restore normal timekeeping.

 If your automatic watch continues to go too fast after addressing the above factors, it is recommended that you consult a professional watchmaker or a certified service center. They have the expertise and tools needed to diagnose and resolve more complex issues that may affect the accuracy of your timepiece.