What are the methods of watch cleaning? How much is it?

Watches are one of the common accessories in people's daily life. Whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, as time goes by, dirt will accumulate on the watch case and strap, which needs to be cleaned and maintained. Watch cleaning can not only keep the watch looking bright but also prolong the service life of the watch. As a watch factory, we often encounter the operation problems mentioned by customers about the use and maintenance of watches. Here, we are very happy to share some operation skills with you.

Watch factory: what is the watch cleaning method?

The cleaning method of the watch needs to be cautious and meticulous. The following are the general watch cleaning steps:
1. Preparation: Take off the strap or chain of the watch first, and put the watch on a clean soft cloth.
2. Clean the watch case and strap: use a soft brush to gently brush the watch case and strap, be careful not to use excessive force to avoid scratching the surface.
3. Clean the strap: If the strap is detachable, you can soak the strap in mild soapy water for a while, then rinse it with clean water.
4. Wipe dry: Wipe the watch case and strap with a soft clean cloth to make sure they are completely dry.
5. Reassembly: Reinstall the cleaned strap or bracelet to the watch.

Please note that the above methods are applicable to watches that are not waterproof. For waterproof watches or high-end watches, it is recommended to send them to an authorized service center or a professional watch repair center for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the quality of the repair and the waterproof performance of the watch.

How much does it cost to clean a watch?

The cost of watch cleaning varies by make, model, and repair center. Generally speaking, the price of watch cleaning is between several hundred and several thousand yuan. For specific cleaning costs, you can consult the brand's authorized service center or local watch repair center to obtain accurate quotation information.

 Watch cleaning is an important step in maintaining the appearance and performance of your watch, and costs vary by brand and repair center. When cleaning the watch, you need to pay attention to meticulousness and caution, and you can clean it according to the above methods, but for waterproof watches or high-end watches, it is recommended to seek professional repair services to ensure that the quality and performance of the watch are properly protected. Regular watch cleaning and maintenance will prolong the service life of the watch and keep it with you for a long time.