What are the characteristics of diving watches?

A diving watch refers to a watch that has been waterproofed and used for diving. Ordinary waterproof watches cannot be used for diving. Diving watches must meet strict regulations, and they cannot be called diving watches if they are not waterproof enough. Anti-corrosion flexible strap, screw-in non-slip crown, helium exhaust, rotating bezel, luminous indication, and other functions.

 1. Case and dial

(1) Case: The case of a diving watch is generally thicker, and the case and lugs are formed from a single piece of metal instead of assembled from multiple parts. It is also relatively simple in design, and there are few complex geometric figures or multi-faceted designs. In the past, most diving watches were made of stainless steel. In recent years, titanium and ceramic materials have become popular and become a major attraction of diving watches.

 (2) Dial: The design of the dial and needle of the diving watch also needs to be concise to reduce unnecessary functions. At the same time, the shape of the pointer and scale should be as eye-catching as possible. The unique dial design routine is composed of hands and geometric time scales. In order to enhance the display effect of the watch underwater and in dark environments, many diving watches use a black dial to contrast the fluorescent coating.

2. Mirror and bezel

(1) Mirror: Diving watches generally use thicker mirrors to enhance their pressure resistance. Arched mirrors used to be the standard configuration of early diving watches, especially some diving watch series with navy heritage, such as Blancpain 50 fathom, which was equipped with the French diving force, and Panerai, which was equipped with the Italian navy. Nowadays, whether the watch mirror has a strong protrusion is no longer the key factor in determining the performance of a diving watch. It can only be regarded as a retro design element and a brand of the times.

 (2) Bezel: Most of the bezels of diving watches are unidirectional rotating bezels with fluorescent scales, which can help divers record the remaining oxygen in a countdown manner. Just turn the bezel counterclockwise to start the countdown function. When the bezel returns to its original position, it means that the oxygen is exhausted, and you should dive to take a breath before that. The bezel of some diving watches is made of curved sapphire crystal glass and metal, such as Blancpain 50 fathoms. It is also made of high-tech ceramics, such as the Rolex Submariner.

 3. Crown and strap

(1) Crown: Diving watches basically use a screw-in crown with excellent waterproof performance and a thick shoulder guard to prevent touching the crown and misuse during exercise.

 (2) Strap: Diving watches mostly use stainless steel or rubber straps with folding safety buckles, and there are also more retro designs of canvas-like fiber straps and pin buckles.

 In hundreds of meters of water, whether a diving watch can function normally is related to the lives of divers, which is not an exaggeration at all. Its every function must be simple and functional, yet durable enough. It is precisely because of such strict requirements that diving watches are not only loved by divers but also by the majority of watch lovers.